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Purchase Eligibility - Who do we sell to?

We serve industrial customers world-wide in manufacturing and construction. We do not sell to retail customers.

Customers are solely responsible for ensuring the products they purchase from us are suitable for the application in which they are being used.

For US based businesses, we sell only to recognized businesses with federal identification numbers and a verifiable physical location.

For Canadian and Mexican customers, we sell to established businesses with a verifiable physical address and on our standard terms.

For all other global customers, we sell to established businesses with a verifiable physical location with payment by wire transfer at time of shipment. Other terms are negotiable prior to order placement

OEM Solutions:

Our engineers have extensive experience in wire & cable factories and in the design and building of capital equipment for these factories. We welcome opportunities to help you select one of our standard sheaves or to produce custom sheaves for your specific requirements. The expertise we developed by designing and producing thousands of sheaves every year is at your disposal.

Call or email us to talk to an engineer knowledgeable in machinery and sheaves for wire & cable processing.

Minimum Order Restrictions:

Our minimum order value is $100 in product plus shipping and handling. We do waive this for Preferred Account customers with an established purchase record.

Credit card payment at time of shipment is requested for all orders under $500. It is uneconomical for the buyer and the seller to process such small payments on any other basis.

Payment Terms

Credit Cards: 
We accept Visa, MasterCard or American Express by phone, fax, online, or by mail.

Preferred Account: Utilize our 2% 10 Day, Net 30 Day terms. To apply for Preferred Account Status, we require references from four vendors as well as your primary bank.

For an application, please call us or visit us online.

Wire Transfer or Electronic Payment: If you prefer either of these methods, please call or email us for our bank details.


USA Origin Shipments to US, Canada and Mexico
: All shipments from our US based facilities are shipped FOB point of origin. As we have a network of facilities, the shipping points are varied depending on the products. Common shipping locations include Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, West Virginia, Alabama and Oklahoma.

Shipments less than 150 lbs: These are generally shipped UPS Ground. Expedited UPS service is available on request. Shipment can be prepaid and billed or collect to customer’s UPS account.

FedEx Ground or FedEx Air billed to customer’s FedEx account is available on request.

Shipments over 150 lbs: These are generally shipped UPS Freight or YRC (Yellow Transportation). Shipment can be prepaid and billed or collect to customer’s UPS or YRC account.

Other carriers billed to customer’s carrier account are available on request.

Foreign Origin Shipments to US, Canada and Mexico: Shipments from our European facilities are shipped CIF to nearest international airport. The quoted price includes all international freight, import duties, customs fees, and related costs. Truck shipment from airport to your facility is by UPS Freight or YRC (Yellow Transportation) prepaid and billed or freight collect by trucker of your choosing.

Shipments to all other non-US locations: Shipments from our USA or European facilities are normally quoted packed for export shipment Ex Works for international shipment to be arranged by the customer’s freight forwarder.

Other arrangements such as land shipment to your freight forwarder or CIF to a port of your choosing can be made if requested prior to order placement.