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Pictured, one of seven barges equipped with our sheaves for laying pipeline in the Caspian Sea




Who does the US Navy trust for critical application sheaves?


When the US Navy, McDermot  International, Oceaneering and dozens of other leaders in the marine industry need mission critical sheaves, they come to Sheaves, Inc.

When you need sheaves for your marine application – onboard cranes, dredges, anchor and mooring lines, umbilicals - give us a call. 

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Spud Sheaves to Umbilical Sheaves – We Can Meet Your Requirements

REFERENCE LIST - Recent orders for Wire Rope Sheaves - Marine





US Coast Guard

Ship Steering System


US Navy*

Floating & Shipboard Cranes


General Dynamics*

Custom Equipment



Offshore Application


Dermott International - Caspian Sea Project

Floating Cranes


Norfolk Dredging Company*

Marine Dredges



Offshore Application


VT Halter Marine

Tractor Tug


Oceanmar Marine Supply Inc.

Shipboard Crane


RPM Nautical Foundation

Umbilical Sheave