Aerospace Pulleys for Critical Use Applications

This product line represents pulleys manufactured with the highest quality materials and subjected to the most stringent requirements of performance testing. We source military specification (Mil-Spec) pulleys only from qualified producers, which are overseen by the United States Military and qualified to certify each and every pulley they ship. We then incorporate the peak performance of military specification pulleys into your application, and provide rugged and dependable engineered solutions that ensure a long service life.    

Military Specification Pulleys
Military Specification Pulleys

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Pulleys for Aircraft
Aircraft Control Pulley MIL-DTL-7034

Aerospace Sheaves Applications

On-board systems to regulate aircraft function.

  • Primary Flight Controls
  • Elevators
  • Rudders
  • Aileron
  • Landing Gear
  • Secondary Flight Controls
  • Spoilers
  • Flaps
  • Wing Trim Systems
  • Safety Redundant Systems

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Pulleys for Military Specification

Mil-Spec Pulleys from

All military specification (mil-spec) pulleys conform to MIL-DTL-7034 (latest rev). We offer the industry’s leading products for use in a variety of applications and these pulleys are no different. Military specification pulleys are used in primary and secondary flight control systems, and will exceed the performance of commercial pulleys in many applications.

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