Theater and Stage Rigging

Sheaves and Pulleys for Theater and Stage Rigging

In today’s theater, what is imagined can be brought to life on the stage. With the help of complex control line systems, epic scenes transform viewers into participants, and allow actors to fly through the air with ease. This doesn’t happen without proper design and component selection. The hoists, winches, blocks, and lines that make this magic happen rely on performance pulleys and sheaves to ensure the ultimate safety of all involved. There is no room for error. Trust to provide the highest level of safety and performance. Select from our proven line of QSheaves™, or other plastic, steel, stock, and custom sheaves. Ensure success and safety by purchasing your original or replacement sheaves through the shop. 

stainless steel small cable sheaves
stainless steel small cable sheave
stage rigging pulleys

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  • 30 years experience supplying the industry
  • Wide variety of materials to select from
  • Engineering consultation & design team on staff
  • Quality customer service and product
Pulley for fitness equipment
plastic and aluminum pulleys

Theater and Stage Rigging Applications

Set the stage for both safety and performance

  • Sound Systems
  • Movie Production
  • Sets and Scaffolding
  • Lighting
  • Stage Effects
  • Safety Harnesses
  • Batten Attachment
  • Counterweight Line Systems

Shop Sheaves and Pulleys for Theater and Stage Rigging Applications

medical small pulleys

Small Cable Sheaves and Pulleys for Stage Rigging

Designed for high performance aircraft cables, eSheaves Small Cable Sheaves offer an in-stock, ready to ship solution for almost any application. Whether you select steel, stainless steel, or a customized plastic solution, all small cable sheaves and pulleys provide un-matched strength and durability.

medical cable sheaves

Lightweight Process Sheaves for Stage Rigging

Choose from a variety of in stock and existing variations. Perfect for low and high speed applications, and for processing insulated wire, synthetic rope, tubing, wire, cable and other linear products. Sheave materials include Aluminum, Alum-Ceramic, SX Polymer, Cast Nylon, and other plastics. U-Groove, V-Groove, Flat-Groove, and Interlocking styles available in a range of both imperial and metric sizes.

Strongman Wire Rope Sheaves

Strongman SheavesTM - Custom Solid Steel Sheaves

Don't modify existing equipment to make replacement sheaves fit. Don't compromise your new designs to fit some ‘catalog’ sheave. Let us get you the strength and performance to your exact requirements

lifting wire rope

Hardhat SheavesTM - Custom Cast Nylon Sheaves

Cast nylon sheaves are superior to aluminum or steel sheaves for wire rope load applications. They provide exceptional durability and performance in demanding applications, and significantly improves wire rope life.

QSheaves wire rope sheaves

QSheavesTM - In-Stock and ready to ship

Need a wire rope sheave immediately? Made to order Solid Steel QSheaves™ are available in 6", 8", 10", and 12" diameters for rope sizes of 3/8" to 3/4" in diameter. Cross reference to OEM sheaves are available for for fast delivery - allowing your job site to stay up and running.

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