Wire Rope Swaging and Cutting Tools

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We’re proud to offer a wide variety of wire rope cutting and swaging tools to compliment the installation of your complete sheaves or pulley system. These products are the perfect compliment to the high performance products offered by esheaves.com. Pairing Loos & Co., Inc. tools, hardware, and accessories with the highest quality pulleys and sheaves will repay you with the performance you have come to expect from our products.

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Felco Cutters

Wire Rope Swaging and Cutting Tools

Swiss made FELCO cutters are recognized around the world for their precision manufacture and cutting capabilities. Lightweight enough for overhead cutting yet strong enough for underwater work. Plastic coated handles afford a firm, comfortable grip.

Loos Locoloc® Handswaging tools are US-made and designed for extremely long life. Accurately swage cable sleeves to fit cable from 1/32" up to 1/2".

Scroll Through the below collection of our available wire rope Swaging and Cutting Tools. Click on an item to learn more.  

Locoloc® Handswaging Tools

Loos Locoloc® Handswaging tools are US-made and designed for extremely long life. Accurately swage cable sleeves to fit cable from 1/32" up to 1/2".

Locoloc® Battery Swaging Tools

Brand new from Loos are our family of Battery-Operated Swaging Tools. Powerful Lithium-Ion batteries give you the power to swage fittings to fit cables from 1/16" to 1/2". Ergonomically designed for ease of use and complete portability.

FELCO® Cable Cutters

Loos offers the complete line of Swiss-made FELCO brand cable cutters. FELCO is known throughout the world for its unsurpassed quality and reliability in cutting the toughest cables and high tensile strength wires.

Battery-Powered Cable Cutters

These battery-powered cable cutters were designed to cut the toughest steel used in construction today. They can replace entire tool kits, including several sizes of conventional bolt cutters, hacksaws, acetylene torches, and other cable cutters.

Hydraulic Cable Cutters

Brand new from Loos are our family of Hydraulic Cable Cutters. We offer the best tools for complete reliability with the ability to cleanly cut cables up to 7/8" in diameter.

Swaging Machines

Loos Locoloc® Swaging Machines have been the standard in swaging fittings to small wire ropes for over 25 years. We offer just the right machine for your cable assembly production department.

Don’t see the item you need? You can request a wire rope swaging and cutting tool quotation and one of our engineers will respond directly to your inquiry. Need a customized tool to work with a precision component? Visit our Loos Precision Products Division to learn more about performance hardware components made to your exacting specifications. 


Additional Wire Rope Accessories

Wire rope and aircraft cable for pulleys

Wire Rope & Aircraft Cable

Loos & Co., Inc. is a fully integrated manufacturer – drawing wire, standing and closing wire rope up to 1-1/4" DIA. Wire rope in stainless steel galvanized carbon steel and a variety of other alloys are stocked. We can provide custom products, configurations, and processes.

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Wire Rope Fittings and Terminals

Loos manufactures a wide range of wire rope terminals. Many styles are available for various applications. Our fittings are qualified under MIL-DTL-781 and MIL-DTL-8878. Specializing in MS, AN and NAS parts, our stainless steel hardware has earned the reputation of having the finest quality in our industry.

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