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QSheaves™ is revolutionizing the Wire Rope Sheave Industry by offering customizable, high performance replacement sheaves that ship from stock in 24 hours or less! With configurable components, QSheaves™ allows you to engineer the exact sheave you need from a selection of diameters, rope sizes, bearings, shaft sizes, hub widths, and more. Over 1300 configurations available! Select the specifications you need from the charts below below and create the part number you can order today! Ready to use the QSheavesConfigurator? Start specifying your requirements below.

Custom Sheave Requirements
Shipboard Crane Sheaves
Custom Steel Sheave Design

Select your Sheaves Requirement

The Right Fit Tool QSheave Configurator allows you to build a part number based on the specifications and performance you need in your sheave application. Review the options below and select the part number call out that fits with your needs. Build your custom part number by arranging the call outs in this specific order: 

[1 – Sheave OD] [2- Rope Diameter] [3 – Bearing [4 – Shaft Size] – [5 – hub width

For Example:

Q0810W22-24[1 – Q08 – 8″ Sheave] [2 – 10 – 5/8″ Rope Diameter] [3 – W – Roller Bearing with Inner Race[4 – 22 – 1.375″ Shaft Size] – [5 – 24 – 1.500″ hub width

Configure your QSheave™ Part Number Below

1. Select Sheave Outer Diamater

Select One

Sheave DiameterPart # Call Out

2. Select Rope Diameter

Select One

Rope DiameterPart# Call Out
3/8"06*Not available in 12" Sheaves
7/16"07*Not available in 12" Sheaves
3/4"12*Only available in 12" Sheaves

3. Select Bearing

Select One

Bronze BushedRoller Bearing with Inner RaceRoller Bearing

4. Select Shaft Size

Select One

Bronze BushedRoller Bearing
with Inner Race
Roller Bearing
Shaft SizePart# Call OutShaft SizePart# Call OutShaft SizePart# Call Out
Option:841 BearingOption:UnSealedOption:UnSealed

5. Select Hub Width

Select One

Hub WidthPart# Call OutHub WidthPart# Call OutHub WidthPart# Call Out


Configured your Part Number?

Replacing a Sheave?

Many sizes and configuration of QSheaves™ are direct replacements for existing sheaves available from OEM manufacturers, such as:

  • for Crosby McKissick Sheaves 
  • for Gunnebo Johnson Sheaves
Cast nylon

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