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oil impregnated bearing

General Inquiry

Have a general Inquiry? Send us a message  and let us know how we can help.

Sheaves Inc Brands

Custom Sheave Project

Creating engineered sheaves solutions are what we do best 

qsheaves pulley for wire rope

QSheave™ Quotation

Not sure which QSheave Configuration will fit with your application? We'll provide you with the right part number to order today!

Strongman Wire Rope Sheaves

Strongman Sheave™ Quotation

Don't Settle! Choose Strongman Steel Sheaves and don't compromise your new designs to fit some ‘catalog’ sheave.

hardhat pulley for wire rope

Hardhat Sheave™ Quotation

HardHat Custom Nylon Sheaves provide exceptional durability and performance in demanding applications

oem wire rope sheaves

OEM Wire Rope Sheaves

Brands include Gunnebo Johnson, McKissick, Crosby, and more. 

stainless steel small cable sheaves

Small Cable Sheaves

Designed for cables 1/2″ and under, eSheaves offers customizable small cable solutions for any application. 

Pulleys for Aircraft

Mil-Spec Pulleys

We offer the industry’s leading products for use in a variety of applications.

sheave materials nylon

Process Sheaves™

If none of the sheaves in our Stock Sheave Catalog fill your needs....Let us price out a custom process sheave for you!

Additional Products and Services from Loos & Co., Inc.

One Good Turn Deserves Another

Loos & Co sheaves

For over 60 years, Loos & Co., Inc. has pioneered and thrived in the highly critical profession of wire, wire rope, and hardware manufacturing for use in applications critical outcomes are directly at stake. This valuable experience has taught us “the ropes” about what a difference quality and performance make in your applications. Now, we can help make the difference for you with your pulley and sheave applications, too.

We’re proud to offer a wide variety of military specification and commercial wire rope, aircraft cable, and fittings to compliment your complete sheaves or pulley system. These products are the perfect compliment to the high performance products offered by Pairing Loos & Co., Inc. tools, hardware, and accessories with the highest quality pulleys and sheaves will repay you with the performance you have come to expect from our products.

Wire rope and aircraft cable for pulleys

Wire Rope & Aircraft Cable

Loos & Co., Inc. is a fully integrated manufacturer – drawing wire, stranding, and closing wire rope up to 1-1/4" DIA. Wire rope in stainless steel galvanized carbon steel and a variety of other alloys are stocked. We can provide custom products, configurations, and processes.

eye ends usa

Wire Rope Fittings and Terminals

Loos manufactures a wide range of wire rope terminals. Many styles are available for various applications. Our fittings are qualified under MIL-DTL-781 and MIL-DTL-8878. Specializing in MS, AN and NAS parts, our stainless steel hardware has earned the reputation of having the finest quality in our industry.

Felco Cutters

Wire Rope Swaging and Cutting Tools

Swiss made FELCO cutters are recognized around the world for their precision manufacture and cutting capabilities. Lightweight enough for overhead cutting yet strong enough for underwater work. Plastic coated handles afford a firm, comfortable grip.

Loos Locoloc® Handswaging tools are US-made and designed for extremely long life. Accurately swage cable sleeves to fit cable from 1/32" up to 1/2".

Seismic Bracing Products

Custom Cable Assemblies

Precision Products

Medical Wire & cable

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